Our Team

Administrative Staff

Our Administrative staff work behind the scenes to keep our facility operating, raise awareness about our agency, and support our front line staff

Leslie Big Bull

Executive Director

Deborah Axworthy

Director of Facility Operations

Aimee Boulton

Interim Director of Facility Operations

Huan Li

Accounting Director

Devin Rued-Fraser

Marketing Director & Accreditation Coordinator

Leona Jarocki


Program, Addictions Counselling, and Facilitator Staff

Addictions Counsellors follow each client through their treatment journey, and facilitate our recovery groups

Jodie Uzelman, BSW, RSW

Program Director

Tamra Petersen

Senior Addictions Counsellor

Oman Ojwato

Addictions Counsellor

Toni Jarvis

Addictions Counsellor

Sara Benson

Addictions Counsellor

Mary Olarte

Outpatient Addictions Counsellor

Jordan Bareshinbone

Cultural Initiative Coordinator

Karen MacKay

Family Counselling Program Coordinator

Shaylene Spring Chief

Addictions Counsellor

Director of Inpatient Services, Admissions, and Full Time Client Support Partners

Client Support Partners staff our building around the clock, ensuring the needs of our clients are met each day

Jennifer Leggett, RSW

Director of Inpatient Services

Nada Hasan

Senior Client Support Partner


Client Support Partner

Vipan Bhatia

Client Support Partner

Caitlin Braham

Client Support Partner

Kitchen Staff

Our Kitchen staff create healthy meals to allow our clients to recover physically from a life in addiction

Doug Mueller

Kitchen Manager

Cheryl Anderson

Kitchen Manager

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