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Sage Picking At Sunrise

Our program at Sunrise Healing Lodge uses Indigenous culture as a means of connecting with a Power greater than ourselves, that can restore us to sanity. Anytime we engage in a cultural activity, such as sage picking, we are actively engaging in connecting with our Creator! “While the eagles watched upon high, we harvested sage…
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4,000 Treatment and Detox Beds!!

Our new Alberta Premiere Jason Kenney has pledged $140 million over the next four years to fight the drug crisis in our province! $40 million of this will be used to fund an additional 4,000 treatment and detox beds! This is an enormous step forward in the fight against addiction and we are very excited…
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Calgary Pride!

Sunrise Healing Lodge is a proud supporter of Calgary’s LGBTQ2S Community and wish everyone an amazing day at Calgary’s Pride Parade this weekend! Sunrise is an all inclusive agency that believes in the equality of all people. We offer addictions treatment to people from ALL walks of life and we have a solution to those…
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Recovery Capital Conference

Sunrise is honoured to be attending the Recovery Capital Conference Calgary to be a part of this landmark event!

Thank you Mr. Luan and Staff!

Sunrise Healing Lodge was incredibly honoured to have the Government of Alberta’s Associate Minister of Mental Health and Addictions, Mr. Luan, and his staff, Marshall and Eric, spend some time with us today, touring our facility and discussing the future of Recovery in Alberta! We are incredibly grateful for the work our new government is…
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Our Cultural Gardens Are Started!

It’s not just our Sweat Lodge flying forward, our Cultural Gardens have started! We have our Sage planted and will be planting Sweetgrass and Traditional Tobacco next! Sunrise Healing Lodge continues to evolve and grow every day!!

Construction at Sunrise Continues!

We have completed our outdoor benches for our clients to sit and receive the Elder’s Teachings before entering our Sweat Lodge for Ceremony!! We are very proud to be completing all of the work to prepare the land and area for our Sweat Lodge in-house, with our staff, clients and Alumni!

We Are Ready To SWEAT!!

We have been hard at work building the rock corral and the Altar for our Sweat Lodge at Sunrise! We now have our rocks and are ready to have one of our Elders hold an Opening Ceremony for our Lodge!! The excitement in the air at Sunrise is as thick as fog!!

Our Sweat Lodge Is Complete!

We are now finished our Lodge and ready to Sweat on Sunrise land!! This has been a long process and we are incredibly excited to procure the rocks and have our first sweat!!

Metis Nation Region 3

We were honoured today to have Metis Nation Region 3 at Sunrise Healing Lodge to tour our facility and share with each other how we can stand together to help people recover from addiction!