Walter’s Trading Post

Walter’s Legacy

Walter’s Trading Post is located in the reception area at Sunrise Healing Lodge Society. We carry a selection of arts, crafts and Sunrise Healing Lodge Society items such as t-shirts, hoodies and various other items. It is named in memoriam of Walter Shingoose.

We ask clients to create two pieces of art or crafts during their treatment at Sunrise to contribute to
Walters Trading Post.

Walter’s Trading Post is open Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Walter’s Trading Post

Walter was a steady force within the Sunrise staff team for 18 years. He dedicated his life to helping as many people recover from addictions as possible by sharing his own story – a story that revealed the many challenges he and his family faced on their road to recovery. Sadly, Walter passed away on Father’s Day, June 18, 2006 which was befitting because he was a father to many.

Walter Shingoose

In 2006, a small group of staff wanted to find a way to honor a man of culture and wisdom in some way that gave back to the centre. Walter spent many hours at Sunrise as residential supervisor in our original building, located in Ramsey and our new building which opened in 2002. Walter loved to play the guitar and sing with his wife. Along with being a staff member at Sunrise Native Addiction Services, Walter was a strong husband, father, grandfather, and many more titles. Walter unfortunately lost his battle to cancer in 2006, and “he may have lost the battle to cancer but he won all our hearts.” To Sunrise, he was a presence that no one will forget. The Trading Post is our way to honor his time and dedication towards sobriety at Sunrise.

How it Works

Walter’s Trading Post is a way for clients to show their gratitude and appreciation of their time at Sunrise. When a client participates in making a craft such as beading, drawing or sewing, it is understood that they are making a craft for Walter’s Trading Post, with all proceeds going towards the centre. The money that is raised may be used for craft supplies or to pay for gratitude tickets. This is a way for Sunrise clients to give back for what they are receiving. Sunrise is a non-profit agency, it is important that we find ways to enhance our programs through various fundraising efforts. Walter’s Trading Post is one of these efforts.