Our History

 History Sunrise Healing Lodge

 1974 – Native Alcohol Services Society was formed under the Alberta Societies Act and began as an outpatient program in a small one-room office in the inner city of Calgary. The outpatient services were funded by the Local Initiative Project (L.I.P.) through Canada Manpower. L.I.P. Funds were eventually depleted and AADAC begins to fund NASS services. Crowfoot Sunrise Residence was opened in a house in Victoria Park SE for alcohol dependent persons.

 1974-1997 – NASS moves at least 4 times – always in the downtown area.

 1975 – A long-term 20 bed co-ed residential facility opens in the community of Ramsey and was established under the name Crowfoot Sunrise Residence, formed under the Alberta Societies Act with funding from AADAC. The counselling and administration activities of NASS were housed in a rented facility in downtown Calgary.

 1976 – Native Alcohol Services name changed officially under the Societies Act to Native Alcoholism Services.

 1977 – The client-base rose to 400 requiring five full-time counsellors.

 1984 – Crowfoot Sunrise Residence was renamed Sunrise Residence Society.

 1995 – Native Alcoholism Services changes name to Native Addictions Services Society but retains acronym of N.A.S.S.

 1996 – NASS adds Men’s Spousal Abuse Group (CROW Group) with funds from United Way of Calgary and Area.

 1996-1997 – NASS partners with Elizabeth Fry Society to offer Women’s Group on Aggressive Behaviours (EAGLE Circle).

 1997 – NASS and Sunrise Residence Boards of Directors finalize discussions to amalgamate programs and services each remaining housed in their separate facilities.

 1998 – NASS and Sunrise Residence legally amalgamate as one not-for-profit agency with both Board of Directors merged into one Board. Majority of programs moved to NASS with clients transported each day from Sunrise Residence to NASS for groups and individual counselling.

 1999-2002 – Major fund raising initiative undertaken, raw land was purchased and a new NASS facility was designed and built. Sunrise Residence was sold to John Howard Society for their youth program.

 September 2002 – NASS former outpatient office is closed and moved to new NASS facility with the residential program relocated two weeks later. NASS employed 30 full and part time staff with AADAC as major funder. The new building is named SUNRISE – Native Addictions Services Society however, legal name is retained as Native Addictions Services Society.

 October 2002 – Official opening of a new facility (21,000 square foot) for Sunrise Native Addictions Services Society (SNASS) with the operations of Sunrise Residence and Native Addictions Services finally under one roof.

 June 2003 – Long Term Residential Treatment (LTRT) begins. Name was changed in 2009 to Living Through Recovery Treatment Program.

 September 2018 – Sunrise Native Addictions Services Society changes its name to Sunrise Healing Lodge Society.

In December 2016 our Board of Directors approved a new name for Sunrise- Sunrise Healing Lodge Society from the old name of Native Addictions Services Society. This year steps were taken to officially change the name of our agency.

The primary catalyst for the name change was to destigmatize the idea of Indigenous people being the only ones with addictions issues. As we know addictions can affect anyone no matter what race they are or what cultural traditions they practices.

As we accept anyone into our program who has a wish to live an addictions free life – the name Sunrise Healing Lodge Society suggest a more inclusive agency without changing what we have always done – Blending Indigenous Culture with the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.