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Our History

In 1974 Native Alcohol Services Society was formed under the Alberta Societies Act and began as an outpatient program in a small one-room office in the inner city of Calgary.

In 1975 a long term facility in the community of Ramsey was established under the name Sunrise Residence Society (formerly Crowfoot Sunrise) also formed under the Alberta Societies Act. The counseling and administration activities of Native Alcohol Services were housed in a rented facility in downtown Calgary at that time.

The name Native Alcoholism Services was changed to Native Addictions Services Society in 1995. At that time Sunrise Residence and Native Alcoholism Services amalgamated into one society.The year 2002 saw the opening of a new facility for Sunrise Native Addictions Services Society. It was at this time that the operations of the Sunrise Residence and the Native Addictions Services came together under one roof. The 21,000 square foot building is unique in its design using aboriginal colors and symbols creating a unified whole.

Our not for profit organization serves Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities across Alberta, specializing in programs dealing with addictions-including drug, alcohol, and gambling addiction. Sunrise Native Addictions Services incorporates a unique cultural and spiritual healing experience while employing the twelve steps and the philosophy of Alcoholics Anonymous. This provides the client with a holistic healing experience while learning the tools to attain and retain sobriety. Our programs provide a renewed sense of identity, and heal the mind as well as the body. Elder involvement and traditional ceremonies are key elements of all our client support programs.