Calgary, Alberta

About Us

Since 1974, SUNRISE Native Addictions Services Society has provided Aboriginal based programs dealing with addictions in the community. We help men, women and their families recover from the destructive effects of alcohol, drug and gambling addictions.

Mission Statement

In a setting of hope and dignity, through education, prevention and treatment, we provide holistic, Aboriginal based addiction programs for all peoples.


We see an addiction free lifestyle for Aboriginal people, their families and communities.

Value Statements

  • Service.We are client focused and based on native spirituality as the foundation that supports our program and service delivery.
  • Leadership.We support teamwork and value the unique contribution of each team member.
  • Respect.We recognize the diversity, worth, dignity and potential of self and others.
  • Integrity.We conduct ourselves in a professional and ethical manner and we are accountable for our actions both professionally and as an organization.