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We are a licensed agency!
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Providing addictions treatment since 1975, through Indigenous Culture & the 12 step program of recovery to people of ALL WALKS OF LIFE.

Our all NEW revolutionary treatment program seamlessly blends culture and the 12 step program, allowing our clients to work through all 12 steps while in treatment, using cultural practices to connect with their spirituality.
Sunrise also offers the only TRUE ZERO BARRIER OUTPATIENT PROGRAM of it's kind in Calgary.



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“In the spirit of respect and truth, we honor and acknowledge Moh’kinsstis and the traditional Treaty 7 territory of the Blackfoot confederacy: Siksika, Kainai, Piikani as well as the Stoney Nakoda and Tsuut’ina nations. We acknowledge the members of the Metis community and specifically, the Métis Nation of Alberta – Region Three. Finally in the spirit of reconciliation and because we are all treaty people, we also acknowledge all Calgarians who make our homes in the traditional Treaty 7 territory of Southern Alberta.”

Sunrise welcomes clients and staff members from the 2SLGBTQ+ community. Through client-centred practice and a respect for the dignity of all, we aim to create an environment of safety and inclusivity for people from diverse gender identities and sexual orientations. Sunrise uses appropriate accommodation and group assignment that respects a client’s identity and engages in ongoing training for staff on respectful and trauma-informed practice.

Sunrise Healing Lodge Society 

Is licensed with the Alberta Government as an inpatient drug and alcohol treatment centre

We Are An Accredited Agency

Sunrise is proud to have achieved it’s Accreditation With Exemplary Standing from Accreditation Canada.  

Who benefits from accreditation?
Leadership: Accreditation adds credibility for quality improvement, supports changes to policies and procedures, minimizes risk and helps provide more consistency of services
Staff: Accreditation engages staff in continuous quality improvement, improves safety, and streamlines onboarding through access to clear policies and procedures
Clients & Families: A good accreditation program fosters respectful, compassionate, culturally appropriate, and competent care that is responsive to the needs, values, beliefs, and preferences of clients and their family members.
Payers, funders and government: Accreditation shows accountability and a commitment to the continual process of quality improvement
Suppliers and partners: Accreditation adds to the credibility and visibility of your organization

source: Accreditation Canada

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Our Client’s Journey Into Recovery

Our Alumni Are Our Success

Hi, My name is Mireille, and I’m an addict.
My world was torn apart on a Monday in November about a year ago. It was on this day that I realized that my addiction had become so unmanageable, that I could not provide a safe environment for my two young children. I entered my first day of the inpatient treatment program at Sunrise a month after my children were apprehended by child and family services. This was my first time in a treatment program and my first time admitting that my life was unmanageable due to my addiction.
My 42 days of treatment in Sunrise taught me the background of my disease and introduced me to the 12 Steps of the program of Recovery. I also learned how to live a healthy life, cultural teachings, and made friendships. The most important thing that Sunrise taught me was how to find my God. Finding God is an integral part of recovery and is the arch to which I could walk through toward my new life.
January 8, 2018 was my Marble Ceremony from Sunrise. My Mother flew in from BC and my children attended the ceremony as a support. It was a day where I could see my future with my children in it and had a sense of hope for my life.
Sunrise and being a part of a 12 Step fellowship has drastically changed my life. In the Spring I completed my 12 steps with a Sponsor. The most important step is Step 12; actively working with others. I can honestly say, working with others saves my life, every single day. I have challenged myself to obtain two service positions within a 12 Step fellowship as well as a service commitment as Secretary on the Sunrise Alumni group.
My life today is remarkable. I live a life filled with Hope, Faith and Courage every day. I have been blessed to carry my message with the addict who still suffers at Alpha House and Renfew Detox Centres. Attending meetings and continually working with other women is the bright part of my days. Being a proud member of the Sunrise Alumni, I have had the pleasure of dropping into classes as an out- patient and attending Marble Ceremonies. I signed a full time continuous teaching contract this month and am excited to set up my classroom. Our children, who have been living in foster care for 9 months, are starting to transition back to our care and will be back living with our family full time this Fall. My husband and I have committed to providing a safe family to our children.
I am a proud and grateful member of Sunrise Alumni!


Sunrise Alumni

My name is Isaac and I am a recovered addict.
Today I am recovered with the help of friends, fellowship, a sponsor and God. Not to forget the place where my journey started, Sunrise. My experience at Sunrise was breathtaking along with very spiritual. There were times that I wanted to walk out because I got tired, but Sunrise never gave up on me and for that I could never repay them. My recovery journey has had its bumps in the road but with the tools I learnt at Sunrise today I am able to overcome those bumps and keep pushing for the next day. It’s been such a blessed journey since I decided to let go and let God take over my life. Miracles happen in my life every single day, not because I just put down the drugs and booze, because I put in the work. To all future clients of Sunrise I promise if you put half the work you did into this program as you did in getting the next drink or drug I promise you’ll be amazed with the results! Just keep pushing and never give up. Thank you to Sunrise and the recovery community for my sobriety!


Sunrise Alumni

The Sunrise Healing Lodge

Our centre is filled with warmth and culture and is a welcoming atomosphere to learn a new way of life free from addictions

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The Sunrise Healing Lodge Family

Our unique and ecclectic staff come together every day to reach out to those seeking to change their lives and live free from addiction!

Leslie Big Bull

Executive Director

Huan Li

Accounting Director

Deborah Axworthy

Director of Facility Operations

Devin Rued-Fraser

Marketing Director

Aimee Boulton

Administrative Assistant

Christina Winnipeg

Operations Assistant

Jodie Uzelman

Program Director

Jennifer Leggett

Inpatient Services Supervisor

Sara Benson

Admissions Coordinator

Jordan Bareshinbone

Director of Indigenous Initiatives

Karen MacKay

Family Counselling Program Coordinator

Tamra Petersen

Senior Addictions Counsellor

Maria Hajcik

Addictions Counsellor

Mary Olarte

Outpatient Addictions Counsellor

Toni Jarvis

Addictions Counsellor

Oman Ojwato

Addictions Counsellor

Stan Spence

Recovery Facilitator

Client Support Partner

Marty Wildman

Client Support Partner

Client Support Partner

Veronica Medina-Galindo

Client Support Partner

Shanel Berscheid

Client Support Partner

Mobina Jamal-Coke

Client Support Partner

Nyshal Theroux

Client Support Partner

Vipan Bhatia

Client Support Partner

Lee-Ann Scott

Client Support Partner

Patricia Yake

Client Support Partner


Client Support Partner

Kristen Bishop

Client Support Partner

Nada Hasan

Client Support Partner

Kent Nichol

Client Support Partner

Alicia Carrillo

Client Support Partner

Gabriela Rodriguez

Client Support Partner

Faith Standing Alone

Client Support Partner

Taylor Kane

Client Support Partner

Shaylene Spring Chief

Client Support Partner

Curt Blind

Summer Student Addictions Worker

Jane Doering

Kitchen Manager & Chef

(Mani) Nesamani Veluchamy


Weekend Chef

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